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Traducción, interpretación, corrección y revisión de textos en Barcelona

¿Tiene una fecha límite próxima para entregar una traducción o necesita una intérprete urgentemente?
Realizo trabajos de traducción y interpretación con poca antelación.

¿Le preocupa que su traducción no será exacta?
Mi experiencia profesional junto con un profundo conocimiento de ambos idiomas garantiza una traducción exacta y fiel.

Si está buscando la mejor relación calidad-precio en Barcelona, pongase en contacto hoy mismo!

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Acerca de mí

Sophie DobsonBeing somewhat of a snob when it comes to the English language and with a strong desire for it to be spoken and written correctly I get annoyed when I see sloppy, lazy translations direct from a dictionary. With a little effort you can get the right message across to your clients as well as a more professional image.

Hailing from Camden, north-west London and having a passionate interest in the Spanish language and Spanish and South American culture, I decided to move to Spain in order to learn and understand more and live among the native people. I’ve lived in both Seville and Barcelona and travelled widely throughout Spain and South America which has brought me closer to and given me a greater understanding of this varied language. I studied Spanish and Latin American studies at university then went on to become an English language teacher, writing poetry along the way.
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Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
Benjamin Franklin

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